Interior Detailing

We get your car really clean.

Here at 586 Tint Factory, we do more than just window tinting or auto glass replacement. As far as detailing goes, we have 3 packages available to serve our clients from a quick clean-up to a premium deep clean.


Quick Refresh

This is our basic quick detail package, great for the busy professional who likes to keep their vehicle pretty clean but needs a helping hand once in a while! We include a basic interior vacuum, we wipe your dashboard, we clean the door jams, and wash your windows.


Rejuvenate Detail

 You work hard all week but sometimes you don't want to clean your vehicle yourself. We perform a deep vacuum, a full interior wipe down and conditioning of your dash, panels, and console. We also wash your windows, leather and cloth seats are lightly cleaned, and lastly clean and protect door jams with ceramic detail spray.


Revive Detail

This is our premium interior detailing package for your vehicle. Sometimes it's not enough to just take care of yourself, you want the best for your vehicle as well! In this premium package we include our most thorough deep vacuum, a full interior deep clean involving all the nooks and crannies, windows washed, vents and crevices painstakingly addressed, glovebox and console cleaned, carpets and mats extracted, cloth seats deep cleaned, all leather and vinyl surfaces cleaned and conditioned, and finished off with a thorough steam sanitation.